Friday, January 10, 2014

A Cedar Trellis and Pergola Create A Shaded Retreat!

Urban gardeners are often faced with space limitations and the awkward spaces created between homes can become overlooked, as more focus is placed on front and back gardens.  However with creative design these spaces can become beautiful and functional gardens.  These small spaces can transform to elegant and intimate, lush and tranquil retreats within the city scape!

Essential within the design process is the creation of a strong "skeletal system" for the garden, which is created through the use of Patios, Walkways, Garden Walls, Decks, Fences, Pergolas and Trees.  These are the "Bones" of the Garden which will be visible at all times of the year, but become especially evident in the Winter.  In this Garden the most essential "Bones" are the Trellis-Pergola structure, which transforms the brick walls and patio from an overwhelming expanse of Brick, to a beautiful back drop for the Garden itself.

This space is approximately 9' x 22' and walled on three sides with brick and also has a brick patio.  The old worn bricks were a valuable asset that were re-set to even out  areas that had sunk over time.  A garden bed was reclaimed, and a large Cedar Trellis and Pergola designed and built to take advantage of the small space by angling the Pergola at approximately 37.5 degrees from the Trellis.  This created a shaded area in this sun-baked side patio just large enough to contain a small table for two or three.   Pink tints in the Cedar blend perfectly with the rose bricks.  A blue patina medallion adorns the Trellis, providing a perfect cooling contrast with the warmth of the Cedar and Bricks.  Wisteria will eventually cover the whole Trellis and Pergola providing lavender spring blossoms and Summer Shade.  The lovely twisting vine will also provide winter interest as well as have an architectural function as it grows larger over time and will wind its way around the cedar.

Not only does the Pergola create shade, it also enhances the entry through the side door of the home, providing a graceful transition from street to home.  Walking up the steps into the space one enters a well defined garden, with a strong structure that will be adorned with appropriate plants.    It is always a joy to work with small spaces as they provide a design challenge and opportunity cultivate the relationship between human structures and the natural world, bringing that relationship into harmony and balance.