Monday, October 7, 2013

From Bricks, straggly Junipers and Weeds to Bluestone, Crape Myrtles, and Perennials!

In the Guilford neighborhood of Baltimore, beautiful homes abound.  Many are have exquisite contemporary gardens, naturalized gardens, and classic gardens.  Some have low maintenance liriope expanses with evergreen shrubs carefully placed to give year-round consistency to the landscape, others contain an wide array of perennials.  Some gardens still contain patios and plants from many years ago, when patios were smaller, tall junipers were popular as screens along with the ubiquitous yews!

In this project Seven Winds transformed an old brick patio and weedy garden with a row of junipers into a contemporary garden which welcomed the happy activities of the homeowners who rounded out the garden with their own selection of perennials and vegetable plants!

We began with the removal of the junipers, various other shrubs and the old brick patio...
We continued with a new dry-laid bluestone patio and a basic structural landscaping of 3 crape myrtles (fall blooming),  skip laurels (evergreen) which will eventually provide privacy and the spring and summer flowers of viburnum and clethra respectively.  

Bluestone pattern is "Random Rectangular or Pattern Bluestone" and color is "Full Color" including blue, gray, rust, green and purple tones.  

These plant selections created the basic structure of the garden, leaving plenty of room for the homeowners, who enjoy gardening, to get creative with their own selections which were planted in front of the new shrubs and trees.