Friday, September 26, 2008

The Koki Mosaic

The Koki Mosaic

This mosaic depicts a Taino (Indigenous People of the Caribbean) petroglyph of a tree frog (Koki). The mosaic is formed from chips of granite tile and is set in local central Maryland stone on the foundation of the log house which houses the workshop of SEVEN WINDS. The frog represents life and fertility to people around the world, the Koki (Caribbean Tree Frog) has found it impossible to survive anywhere in the world other than in the Caribbean until finally it was able to also survive in Hawaii. The Taino Koki also has connections with the rain (fertility for the Earth), and children, and is our Taino daughter's favorite mural!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Three Snowy Owls continued

Close up views of the series of three Snowy Owls..

The Flying Snowy Owl
The Landing Snowy Owl

The Standing Snowy Owl

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Many people ask me the meaning of the name "SEVEN WINDS". The name comes from Seven Energies or Spirits which are all involved in what I do. The first energy (spirit) is of course the EARTH herself, the foundation of Life; without her we have nothing. The second is the MOUNTAIN, that which gives us all the stones, the form to our landscape and all the minerals and elements that we need to live. The third is the SUN which generates the warmth and power for the life on the Earth to be fruitful and sustainable. The fourth is WATER, which not only is essential for life but also shapes the stones, shapes even the Mountains and Earth. The fifth is the WIND or AIR, also essential for Life, which also shapes the stones and the Earth and also carries communications of all kinds. The SIXTH energy or Spirit is the "Ancestors" all those who came before us all around the entire Earth who have given rise to the collective understandings of how to work in healthy ways with the Earth, all her resources and eachother, the Seventh is the Spirit of all the tools we use to work, from the simple shovel used to pick up a stone to the modern excavators, from the simple hand saw used to cut a log to the mechanized masonry saw, to huge sawmill equipment. The name SEVEN WINDS honors these seven energies or Spirits that are critical to the work that I do.

The Eagle Mural

The Eagle Mural

The Eagle Mural is shown here before installation. It is destined for an interior installation in an entry. The Eagle is marble, the background is natural slate. Using the naturally occurring variations in the slate the Eagle is depicted landing on rocky terrain. This mural was the prototype for this type of style using the marble and the slate. This type later was used in the series of three Snowy Owls and other murals. Each piece is cut individually and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Natural white veins in the dark brown marble used for the Eagle gives the impression of the texture of the Eagle's feathers. Due to all these factors of variation each piece is totally unique and could never be duplicated just as every stone and plant is unique and cannot be duplicated. This mural is sitting on top of a outdoor grill that we made using the natural stones occurring in our part of Maryland. The stones compliment the colors in the mural beautifully. This type of mural is equally as suitable for an outdoor environment as it is for an indoor environment.

Here the mural is installed into a natural slate floor which has been finished with Tung Oil and Carnauba Wax.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Zodiac Mosaic

The Zodiac Mosaic

The clients in Whidbey Island, WA also requested a mosaic to be made for their entrance hall. This was a larger piece, made entirely from marble. It was to be a representation of the zodiac. After some design consideration, we suggested the zodiac circle around a representation of the Earth with a Sun at the South pole and a Moon at the North Pole. The zodiac itself consisted of 13 signs which is actually the true number of constellations on the zodiac line, the actual shape of the constellations are depicted by white marble "stars".

The colors are brighter and more intense than the photo depicts. There are literally thousands of different pieces which make up this mosaic.

Close up view of mosaic showing North Pole "Moon".

Three Snowy Owls

Three Snowy Owls!
Clients from Whitbey Island, WA requested we design and build a mural of an owl for their newly constructed dream home. After discussing available structures such as walls, patios, porches where this mural could go, we suggested a series of three smaller murals to be placed on a wall near the entrance of their new home.
The three Snowy Owls are made from a white marble tile set on a naturally colorful slate background. The first Owl is stationary in front of a full moon, the second is landing, and the third is in full flight.
All murals were designed and created at our workshop in New Windsor, MD and were shipped to our clients home in Whidbey Island, WA where the murals were installed by a local mason.