Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shady City Garden

In this city garden we needed to work with deep shade, existing bricks and a need to bring a sense of space to this very vegetative location! Since there were some very beautiful old bricks forming a small path and small patio, we acquired some additional old Baltimore bricks and mixed them with the existing bricks in a herringbone pattern. The small slope in the yard from side to side was addressed with the installation of a small PA fieldstone dry-stacked retaining wall. The natural weathering and moss on the fieldstones instantly harmonizes with the old bricks, creating a patio and garden which looks as though it has been here for years!

This photo is the yard before the work took place!

When addressing stone and brick choices for older homes we always take into account the age of the home itself as well as the individual preferences of the homeowners. Older homes look wonderful when landscaped with natural stone, recovered old brick and recovered flagstones.

This garden is now ready for an array of shade loving perennials.
These are ideal gardens for Maryland Native Woodland plants!

This photo is the same space as the above photo, before the work took place.