Friday, May 8, 2009

Natural Sealant and Wax for Slate Hearth

This slate hearth is for the future install of a Woodstock Soapstone Stove .  The two circles are for two mosaics which will be installed after the installation of the Stove.  The slate needed to be sealed and polished because without sealing any oils or liquids can potentially permanently stain the slate and without waxing the full array of colors within the slate will be hidden.  Slate tends to look dusty without this treatment.  Slate is also a soft stone and the wax helps protect it. 

Not wanting any harsh or toxic chemical in the home, we chose to use three great products from real milk paint company.  Tung oil is diluted with citrus solvent to allow maximum penetration of the oil and it is finished with carnauba wax.

We were delighted with the result.  The tung oil brought out the full variety and depth of color within the slate and the carnauba wax gave it a beautiful luster.  The best part of all is the completely nontoxic result which does not compromise the aesthetic quality of the slate!

We purchased the tung oil, citrus solvent and carnauba wax from the real milk paint company which can be found at