Friday, December 3, 2010

A Pool Scape


Our clients had several issues with their existing pool scape. Although the far side was beautifully landscaped in terrace style with many shade loving plants, the grass around the pool was sparse and detracted from the beauty of the pool and did not do justice to the peaceful surroundings. Our clients expressed a desire for various pathways and interconnecting patios and after several meetings we arrived at a design involving new garden beds , paths and patios made from pavers and river stone accents and edging.

BEFORE: Wood decking in the far left corner gets replaced with a paver patio with a drain to solve puddling issues, sparse grass and variably defined garden beds are reworked to open up a pathway and create more defined garden spaces, eliminating most of the grass.

AFTER: Visitors entering the garden gate are now met with an inviting pathway leading to the far patio. Grass is replaced with gardens. The right side of the path is edged with a river stone edge, allowing a raised bed on the right to bring added interest to the pool scape. The River Stones are wonderful additions to pool landscapes as they are the result of the movement of water over the stones and thus are natural choices for garden accents around the pool!

BEFORE: A pathway from the gate to the shed needs to be tied in to both the deck and pool. Sparse grass is replaced with garden beds.

AFTER: View from the pool. Pathway is now tied into the pool and the deck and a small edge of river stones gives definition to a new garden bed.

BEFORE: Especially sparse grass between deck and pool in this high traffic area is replaced with a new patio and garden beds.

AFTER: The new patio creates an attractive space in which to sit to enjoy the sunshine and pool. The new pathway is visible in the distance. Liriope plants in the foreground will fill in the space to create a lush green carpet effect.

Another view of the same patio from the other side. Pavers are laid in a herringbone pattern with straight edge pavers “picture framing” the patio.

View from the side gate, visitors are now greeted with a welcoming walkway leading to the side pool patio.

By redesigning this pool landscape we were able to eliminate much of the sparse grass, create new a new flow from the gate to the pool and from the shed to the pool, and were able to accentuate an new patio space between the deck and the pool.

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