Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Many people ask me the meaning of the name "SEVEN WINDS". The name comes from Seven Energies or Spirits which are all involved in what I do. The first energy (spirit) is of course the EARTH herself, the foundation of Life; without her we have nothing. The second is the MOUNTAIN, that which gives us all the stones, the form to our landscape and all the minerals and elements that we need to live. The third is the SUN which generates the warmth and power for the life on the Earth to be fruitful and sustainable. The fourth is WATER, which not only is essential for life but also shapes the stones, shapes even the Mountains and Earth. The fifth is the WIND or AIR, also essential for Life, which also shapes the stones and the Earth and also carries communications of all kinds. The SIXTH energy or Spirit is the "Ancestors" all those who came before us all around the entire Earth who have given rise to the collective understandings of how to work in healthy ways with the Earth, all her resources and eachother, the Seventh is the Spirit of all the tools we use to work, from the simple shovel used to pick up a stone to the modern excavators, from the simple hand saw used to cut a log to the mechanized masonry saw, to huge sawmill equipment. The name SEVEN WINDS honors these seven energies or Spirits that are critical to the work that I do.

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